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Brake Inspections in Phoenix, AZ

If there’s anything a driver should not skip out on when it comes to regular vehicle maintenance, it’s a brake inspection. At Kinkade's Auto Repair, we frequently see brakes from local Phoenix, AZ cars that have been in need of work for a while. But at the same time, we’re often working with drivers on preventive maintenance. Long story short: When it comes to brake inspections, we do it all.

Maintenance You Won't Want to Miss

So many drivers know to change their oil filters regularly and to check on their tires, but how many know of the supreme importance of a brake inspection? The mechanics at Kinkade's Auto Repair are as keen to get their hands dirty with grease as they are to educate our many customers. That’s because we recognize that customers who are in-the-know are better drivers, and better drivers lead to better brake inspections.

Don't risk your safety. Call us today to schedule a brake inspection.